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Co-Creator, Co-Writer & Clown Performer: Clint Bolster
Co-Creator, Co-Writer & Clown Performer: Annie Lee

Executive Producers: Debbie Wilks & Kate Malone - Cluster Arts

Associate Producer: Rob Tannion

Corporate Enquiries: Allie Wilde
Grant Support: Ann Mclean
Production Designer: Josh McIntosh

Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

Sound Designer & Technical Manager: Guy Webster

Stage Manager: Liam Caneris

Videographer: Tnee Dyer

Photographers: Justin Ma & Barbara Lowing

Costume Designer: Josh McIntosh

Costume Maker: Jim Ioannides

Clown Nose Maker: Tony Kishawi
Electrician: Sparky Marc

BOLSTER & LEE have  been assisted by the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program

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