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"The Knock ‘Em Downs is an odd-ball pop-up show by local clowning royalty Clint Bolster and Annie Lee. Transforming a circus tent into an old side show, this experience was stocked with classic carnival games that were prepped and primed for audience participation."
Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane




If John Cleese had kids with Lucille Ball, the results might be Bolster and Lee.

Annie and Clint became creative collaborators in 2004, and with their strong rapport have continued to develop characters to play together ever since. From crazy male duos and siblings of all sorts, to mother and son teams and a variety of clowns, these two talents have paired their uniquely funny souls with considerable skills to great effect. 

Bolster and Lee employ their individual differences in height, sex and age to particular advantage. Together they create characters that are warm and relatable in their endearing nature, yet curiously unsettling in their imposing eccentricities. This distinctive duo possess an outlandishly powerful sense of the ridiculous that will make you laugh as well as wonder…what might happen next?

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